A message from Rep. Matt Fridy:

These last couple of years working on behalf of the people of District 73 have been an incredible honor and pleasure. I’ve gotten to take on issues that matter to not just the residents of Shelby County, but to our great state; issues that effect our daily lives, from protecting our families and their values, to basic necessities like roads and infrastructure.

With the new administration in Washington, DC, we now have a chance restore a proper balance between state and federal governments, and roll back overreaching mandates. I look forward to working on the state level to make this a priority.  As Thomas Jefferson said, “The greatest [calamity] which could befall [us would be] submission to a government of unlimited powers.”

One of the best parts of being your Representative is that I’ve gotten to meet many of you as I’ve traveled the District. Your words of encouragement and feedback have meant the world to my family and me. I hope you will continue to trust me to be your voice in Montgomery; a Conservative voice that fights for lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and growing our small business community.

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to visit my website, and I look forward to continuing to be a part of a Legislature that fights for our shared values and beliefs.