What I Believe

1. I believe the people of our district are entitled to smaller, more efficient government. That’s why I’ve constantly worked to reduce the size of government, eliminating programs that have outlived their usefulness and cutting unnecessary regulations that burden our businesses and keep us from reaching our full potential.

2. I believe in honest government and respect for law. During my first term in office, I drafted and passed the first and only legislative rule that sets out the procedure for impeaching government officials who violate the law.

3. I believe in promoting a culture of life that respects all persons, from the moment of conception until the moment of natural death. Earlier in this term, I drafted and passed an amendment providing that our state constitution can never be interpreted to provide for a right to an abortion or public funding for an abortion.

4. I believe in keeping our tax burden low, and I have fought numerous efforts over the last four years to raise the tax burden on the people of our state.

5. I believe in maintaining our right to keep and bear arms, and I will fight back against any attempt by the federal or state government to curtail that right.

6. I believe that our district should receive its fair share of funding for roads. That’s why, over the last four years, I have worked with the administration to find the necessary funding for road projects in our district, like the widening of Interstate 65 from Pelham to Alabaster. I will continue to work with the Governor and the Department of Transportation to ensure that our district receives all of the transportation funding to which it is entitled.

7. I believe in supporting our law enforcement officers and fire fighters. I was proud to draft and pass the Philip Davis Act of 2018, which provides additional benefits to the children of first responders who are killed in the line of duty.

8. I believe that education is key to a number of issues: economic development, well-paying jobs, and an informed and responsible citizenry. I refuse to accept the status quo in education, and, during the last four years, I have fought for new and innovative approaches to delivering a high-quality education to our children.